Camp’s Pallets has been in existence and growing for 15 years, expanding to local needs and growing to encompass most all of Southeastern New Mexico and West Texas.

We began as a family business to earn extra income on the side providing produce pallets to the local watermelon sheds and have now grown to servicing large corporations in the area.

Like most pallet companies, we began with a trailer behind a pickup, & have grown into tractor trailers & a large service area.

We service many of the local salt & potash producers, as well as agriculture & oil field companies. We supply commonly used sizes of pallets, as well as many custom sizes.

Our Services

Camp’s Pallets provides high quality pallets in various sizes & for various uses. From custom pallets to fit a mine shaft elevator, to standard GMA pallets for general use, we provide sturdy, well built or rebuilt pallets.

48X40 GMA
A Grade (Corrugated fasteners allowed, no blocks or plates, 4 & 6 inch lead boards)
B Grade (blocks, no missing stringers sections)

Custom Sizes
Currently building 53X36, 36X36, & 48X48

Combination Pallets
Used deck on new stringers

New Pallets
New wood throughout

Contact Us

(575) 390-6944

Plant Location
Mile Marker 69, Highway 18
Lovington, NM 88260

Business Address
409 W. Tyler
Lovington, NM 88260

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